Opening Hours

Open: 09:00

Last Entry: 16:00

Closed: 17:00

( Closed on Mondays. Please note the opening hours during the holidays.)


Adults: 100RMB

Children : 50RMB (height 1-1.4m)

Free entry for children under 1m, elderly over 65 years old, handicapped, and in service army personal with valid ID.

Contact Us

Address: No.2, Xinyuan South 1st Road, Hi-tech District, Chengdu, Sichuan

Zip Code: 610000

Ticket inquiries: 028-86051188

Bussiness Inquiries: 028-83165566


Metro Line 8: Qing’an station, walk 13 minutes

Metro Line 5: Shiyang Flyover station, walk 18 minutes

Metro Line 5/7: Shenxianshu station, walk 25 minutes

Bus 304, 806, 816, 1100: 3rd Ring Rd Lantian Flyover

Bus  125, 137, 484, G79: East Lantian Flyover


Notice to visitors

1. Children need to be accompanied by adults

2. The ticket is valid on the same day. Re-entering the museum you need to buy tickets again

3. In order to ensure the success of ticket collection and admission, please provide real name, mobile number and other information when booking

4.Free tour guide services are at 10:30 a.m. and 14:00 p.m, otherwise payed service is available. Visitors can also scan the QR codes on the exhibit boards to learn more about exhibits.

5.When there are too many people in the museum, Stuff may direct the crowd and keep the number of visitors at a acceptable number, please understand and follow the guidance.