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Sanhe Classic Car Museum has more than 200 collection of cars covering over 70 well-known brands from both domestic and abroad. The representative collection includes the world’s first internal combustion engineMotor Wagon”; the known as the best car in the world Rolls-Royce Gintama 40 / 50HP“; one of the most beautiful cars in the history , the Packard Super 8, the Chinese automobile industry’s masterpiece the HongQi CA72, the legendary elegant sports car representative Aston Martin DB4, etc.


 Sanhe Classic Car Museum is a private classic car museum with the largest number of “collection-class” classic cars in China with the most complete exhibition and multifunctional facility . Our museum is equipped with a classic car exhibition hall, anecdotal hall, temporary exhibition hall, research institute, library, retro street, art gallery, theater, children center, car theme cafe, souvenir shop, etc.



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( Closed on Mondays. Please note the opening hours during the holidays.)