Hongqi CA773

China 1977

From designing CA770 in 1965 to the official launch in 1966, the history of Hongqi sedan entered the most glorious period. Although it has experienced the influence of the Great Cultural Revolution, the development of Hongqi sedan has never stopped. In addition to 770, in 1967, First Auto Work (FAW) also produced 771 double-row seat version, 772 special bulletproof version and 773 simple three-row seat version. After the CA770 was put into production, FAW took into account that this model still has shortcomings such as heavy body and large fuel consumption. FAW decided to make some further improvements. During the Great Cultural Revolution of 1968, all designers of the whole factory were transferred to the workshop. At this time, some workers in the assembly shop changed the product structure of CA770 by themselves, by removing the partition wall, reducing the size of the front and rear suspension and the trunk, and reducing the weight of the whole vehicle. However, this model has not been scientifically tested. The product number is CA773. This model was discontinued after a total of 291 units were produced from 1969 to 1976.