Ferrari F355

Italy 1995

As the replacement of Ferrari 348, which was the new generation entry-level car series in the 1990s, the F355, officially launched at the end of May 1994, was the cheapest rear-drive Ferrari in the mid-1990s. Its simple and straight body lines are also derived from the design of Pininfarina. At the same time, the F355 is also the last Ferrari car to use hidden “pop-up headlight” design.

“355” means that this car with the mid-range 3.5-liter V8 naturally aspirated gasoline engine, adopts Ferrari 5-valve technology. This car has extremely high overall performance. And its price is not too high for the sports car consumers who love Ferrari in the 1990s, which has caused the F355 to become one of the most popular cars for Ferrari fans in the past 30 years.