Classic Cars on Expositions

Chinese Museums and Relevant Products and Technologies Exposition

Founded in 2004 by the China Museum Association, the Expo is jointly sponsored by the China Natural Science Museum Association and the local people’s government. It is held every two years and has been successfully held for seven consecutive times. Over the past ten years since its establishment, the number of participants has continued to increase and the social impact has continued to expand. It has become the largest, most professional and most influential international museum industry biennial exhibition in China and even in Asia. The Expo has successfully built a good interactive platform for museums to innovate, learn from experience, exchange ideas and make common progress, so as to open up new ways for the protection and inheritance of Chinese cultural heritage and gather new forces.

Western China International Fair

On the afternoon of the opening ceremony of the Western China International Fair on September 20, 2018, the special activity of the Western China International Fair – “classic inheritance · dream building western China” classic car city tour, sponsored by Sanhe Classic Car Museum and guided and supported by Sichuan Provincial Department of culture, will take 30 classic car tour teams from 8 countries and 20 automobile brands, including Italy and China, all the way through Chengdu Tianfu Avenue and people’s road The South extension of South Road presents the largest visual festival of classic cars in Western China.

Chengdu Creative & Design Week

Chengdu Creative & Design Week is the largest and highest standard creative design industry event in central and Western China. It has become a well-known creative design brand activity in China. It ranks first in the same type of activities of cultural and creative industries in China. Since 2014, the design week has been successfully held for five consecutive times, receiving more than 2 million visitors in total. Focusing on Chengdu, there has been a trend of emphisizing and participating in creative design. The 6th Chengdu creative design week not only let us feel the innovative achievements of creativity and technology, life, music, art, food, tourism, animation and other industries, but also showed the vivid practice and strong magnetic force of Chengdu’s development of creative economy, vigorously promoting knowledge creation, promoting creative design and developing creative experience.

International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival

Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival was founded in 2007. It is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of culture and tourism, UNESCO and Sichuan Provincial People’s government. It is hosted by Chengdu Municipal People’s government, Sichuan Provincial Department of culture and tourism and China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center. It is held every two years in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. So far, it has been held for six consecutive times, attracting more than 130 countries And regional, as well as international organizations to participate in the festival activities.